Small Cute Green Pointer melocoton ~
Well hello there :3 welcome to my blog ! ~ I mostly reblog and I might post someday (drawings and pictures) So enjoy your stay <3

So this is the credit’s page :3

Here I will link every owner (if possible) except for my reblogs of course. And if I post anything that’s not mine I write it as a comment or description to the post, so not here :P Here is more for textures, backgrounds, cursors (…) crediting ^^

I start with the lovely theme which already has a link in my menu : Creator, Her theme blog.

For the sidebar pics both are from AwayAY and you can find them here.

I got my little panda “Back to top” button here (this is more a source than crediting xP)

And here is the link to the fishies ! And the tutorial that helped me A LOT x3